Industry, Procurement & Knowledge Transfer

The mission of CERN’s Industry, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer (IPT) Department is to provide essential support and advice on procurement, knowledge transfer and EU projects.

The department is comprised of three separate groups each composed of various sections dedicated to specific activities accompanied by the Office of the Department Head. The three groups are as follows: Procurement and Industrial Services, Knowledge Transfer, and European Union Support. For further information regarding the structure of these groups, please refer to the IPT structure page.

CERN’s Procurement and Industrial Services (PI) Group is responsible for the procurement of all supplies and services required by the CERN departments and experiments. The group also oversees contractual issues and provides advice on the sourcing strategies.

The Knowledge Transfer (KT) Group catalyzes the transfer of knowledge from CERN to society, and shaping ideas into viable applications. The group supports inventors and entrepreneurs in different ways, beginning from the identification of suitable technologies and know-how, to choosing the best dissemination strategy, giving legal advice on IP matters, providing seed funding for knowledge-transfer activities, and promoting CERN’s technologies to the industry.

Our European Union Support (EU) Group manages CERN’s involvement in EU Programmes by providing support to researchers and experiments based at CERN. The group provides advice on EU funding schemes, reviews proposals and maintains links with organisations such as those of EIROforum and the European Commission.

The IPT department develops and maintains relationships with key stakeholders, industry, research and academic organisations to facilitate the flow of knowledge and services both to and from CERN, and contributes to increase the visibility of CERN at European level. For more information regarding the specific activities of each group or section, please refer to the individual group pages mentioned above.